WATCH: Island boys no jumper leaked video viral on Twitter,Reddit; netizens outraged by island boys beat Women Scandal

Island boys no jumper leaked video viral – Know everything about the Island Boys. For the readers who are unaware of their identity, they are a group of American social media personalities and are known all over the net for sharing videos on TikTok media platform.

The group is composed of a duo named Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja and they are twin brothers. They have had a significant presence on the TikTok social platform for some time now.

They gained fame with their song titled “I’m an Island Boy,” which went viral. However, the duo often landed in hot waters for their other not so holy pursuits.

They often capture attention on the internet for different reasons and not for good reasons, often sparking controversy and also going to the extent of getting arrested and embroiled in legal tussles.

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At present the Island Boys are in the news for all the wrong reasons and they have also spawned the curiosity of many netizens. The spotlight of the sudden surge in interest is a video related to an incident involving the assault of a woman.

The genesis of this video can be traced to 2022 when the twin brothers were indicted for assaulting his girlfriend. The woman in question is a woman named Montaisha and she recounted her horror at the hand of the twins on Instagram. She said she suffered swollen eyes and mentioned her difficulty in seeing. During her Instagram Live session, she disclosed that she had contacted the police.

Island Boys No Jumper Video

It is not clear what action the police had taken against the perpetrators of this assault. However, it was reported on May 6, 2023, KodiyakRedd was arrested and charged for domestic violence. That event has led to speculation that the arrest could be related to the prior scandal involving the physical assault on the woman.

The Island Boys have been embroiled in other controversies also earlier. They were well known for their Island Boys No Jumper video, which has captured people’s attention. In another shocking video the duo were seen kissing each other. The video soon became viral and later Flyysoulja publicly revealed his sexual orientation as gay. In another video he was seen taking a mirror selfie while his brother was positioned near his private area, seemingly implying a suggestive act was taking place.

In another video it has one of the Island Boys holding a carrot in his hand and suggestive of a sexual act. Netizens found this brazen act very distasteful.

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