WATCH: Hombre Con Hacha Niña video original goes viral, Netizens outraged

Once again the internet became the witness of a heart rending video which went by the name “Hombre Con Hacha Niña Video Original” dubbed as Man with Ax Girl Original Video. The very name of the video caught the attention of netizens who feared the worst and their assumptions were causing a truth, the contents of the video was very distressing. As per reports the purported video showed a man attacking two minor girls with an ax in a home. The content of the video is very gory and causing a stir and people are nonplussed and are left asking the question as to why the man attacked the two minors. Let’s delve deep into the article and learn about this video.

WATCH: Hombre Con Hacha Niña video original goes viral, Netizens outraged

Hombre Con Hacha Niña video

You are watching TV when you hear a knock on the door. You open the door and find a man armed and he attacks you without any reason. What will be your state of mind? You get ready to fight or flight. Something similar happened at the home of two minors who were enjoying and watching television in their living room when they heard someone knocking on their door.  A naïve minor and the man hit the girl with an ax he was carrying in his hand. The minor girl falls to the floor of the house and starts screaming. Continue reading this article and learn the further description of the video.

The man does not stop after hitting the first minor and moves on to the second minor who was sitting on a chair in the living room. He again hits the hapless minor girl with a knife and ax. He attacks the head of the other girl three times with an ax. The girl screams and breaks into a run. Swipe down the page and read more details.

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The man returns to the first girl who was still lying on the ground. He hit thrice on the seemingly immobile minor on her head. The man subsequently left the home leaving the girl in a pool of blood. Thankfully the girl is reported alive but the man in the Hombre Con Hacha Niña video has not been identified yet.

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