Tof Henry Cause of Death and Obituary, What Happened To Tof Henry? How Did He Die?

What Happened To Tof Henry? Obituary

Tof Henry, a prominent figure in the skiing community, met a tragic end during an expedition on Chile’s Puntiagudo volcano. Alongside Chilean mountain guide Juan Senoret, Tof Henry’s life was cut short on October 11, 2023. This untimely demise sent shockwaves through the skiing world, leaving many to wonder about the circumstances of this tragic incident.

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Reports indicate that Tof Henry and Juan Senoret, accompanied by a fellow team member, lost their lives when they fell from a cliff on the north side of the volcano. The incident took place during a film project, adding an extra layer of poignancy to the situation. Their mission was to capture breathtaking descents, but it ended in an avalanche, claiming the lives of two experienced adventurers.

Tof Henry’s death was a devastating blow to his family, friends, and the skiing community as a whole. His passion for skiing, fearlessness on the slopes, and groundbreaking achievements had made him a beloved and respected figure. His untimely passing left an irreplaceable void, and his legacy continues to inspire all who share his love for the outdoors and extreme skiing.

How Did Tof Henry Die? Cause of Death

The cause of Tof Henry’s death can be attributed to an unfortunate avalanche during the expedition on the Puntiagudo volcano in Chile. This avalanche tragically claimed the lives of Tof Henry and Juan Senoret, while a photographer, Mathurin Vauthier, was fortunate enough to survive but sustained injuries.

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The group had embarked on the expedition with the intent of capturing their daring descents on film. In the midst of their adventure, this serene, snowy landscape quickly turned perilous. Although investigations are ongoing, it is apparent that the avalanche was the primary cause of the devastating incident.

Tof Henry’s expertise and speed on the slopes were well-recognized within the skiing and mountaineering community. His accomplishments in the skiing world had earned him respect and admiration, and his loss was deeply felt by all who knew him. While specific details regarding his skiing career are widely celebrated, it is this tragic event on the Puntiagudo volcano that remains etched in the memories of those who followed his journey.

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Who was Tof Henry?

Tof Henry, a remarkable skier, brought joy to countless individuals with his unwavering passion for the sport. Originally from Chamonix, France, Tof Henry was celebrated in his local community for his fearless descents on some of the steepest slopes in the region.

He began his journey as a ski racer and subsequently transitioned into the thrilling world of big mountain skiing. Tof Henry’s claim to fame came in 2018 when he achieved a historic feat by becoming the first person to ascend and ski down the North Face of Aiguille de Triolet, a challenging endeavor he undertook with fellow French skier, Jonathan Charlet.

Tof Henry’s notable accomplishments and his title as the “fastest skier in Chamonix,” bestowed upon him by the late Andreas Fransson, solidified his status as a legend in the world of skiing. His social media presence was an extension of his adventurous spirit, where he shared his skiing experiences, often hinting at the demanding conditions he and his team faced.


Tof Henry’s life and legacy are woven into the fabric of the skiing community. His passion, daring feats, and indomitable spirit continue to inspire individuals worldwide who share his love for skiing and adventure sports. The tragic events on the Puntiagudo volcano serve as a poignant reminder of the risks and challenges faced by those who push the boundaries of their chosen pursuits.

The skiing world will forever remember Tof Henry as the “fastest skier in Chamonix,” a title that speaks to his remarkable career and his profound impact on the sport. As we reflect on his life and the circumstances of his untimely death, we honor his memory and his enduring influence on the world of skiing and outdoor adventure.


Who was Tof Henry?

Tof Henry was a renowned skier originally from Chamonix, France. He gained recognition for his fearless descents on steep slopes and his groundbreaking achievements in the world of skiing.

How did Tof Henry die?

Tof Henry tragically lost his life during an expedition on Chile’s Puntiagudo volcano in 2023. The cause of his death was an avalanche that occurred during the film project he was undertaking.

What were Tof Henry’s notable accomplishments?

Tof Henry achieved a historic feat in 2018 when he became the first person to climb and ski down the North Face of Aiguille de Triolet, alongside fellow skier Jonathan Charlet. He was also celebrated as the “fastest skier in Chamonix.”

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