Judy Taylor Cause of Death and Obituary: A Tragic Loss in Long Beach

What Happened To Judy Taylor? Obituary

In a heartbreaking incident that occurred in Long Beach last Wednesday, a 75-year-old woman named Judy and her 81-year-old husband tragically lost their lives. Authorities suspect it was a murder-suicide. According to the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner, Judy succumbed to a gunshot wound in her upper body, while Lawrence, her husband, appeared to have inflicted a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his upper body. The community mourns this devastating event, leaving many in shock and sadness.

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Judy Taylor California Died: The Incident

On a Wednesday morning at approximately 6:30 a.m., detectives investigating homicides were dispatched to the 5600 block of Corso Di Napoli. Their mission was to check on the well-being of a couple who had not responded to calls or opened their front door. Tragically, both individuals were found dead when emergency medical personnel from the Long Beach Fire Department arrived at the scene. Law enforcement officials revealed that a firearm was discovered at the location, leading them to investigate the incident as a possible murder-suicide.

Authorities encouraged anyone with information about the incident to contact LBPD Homicide Detectives Ethan Shear or Eric Thai at 562-570-7244. Those who wish to remain anonymous could provide tips by calling Crime Stoppers at 800-222-8477.

The community was left in shock by this unfortunate event, and authorities sought assistance from the public to understand the circumstances surrounding the tragedy.

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Who was Judy Taylor?

A Life Remembered

Details about Judy Taylor’s life, her interests, and her contributions to her community.

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How Did Judy Taylor Die? Cause of Death

Understanding the Tragedy

Exploring the circumstances and details surrounding Judy Taylor’s cause of death, which was a gunshot wound, and the tragic incident involving her husband.


What happened to Judy Taylor and her husband?

Judy Taylor and her husband tragically lost their lives in an incident that authorities suspect was a murder-suicide.

When and where did this incident occur?

The incident occurred last Wednesday in Long Beach, specifically in the 5600 block of Corso Di Napoli.

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