Craig Sjodin Cause of Death and Obituary, What Happened To Craig Sjodin? How Did He Die?

What Happened To Craig Sjodin? Obituary

On September 15, 2023, the General Hospital community was struck by devastating news – the sudden demise of Craig Sjodin, an indispensable figure in the show’s rich history. But how did this tragedy unfold, and what can we learn from his life and untimely passing?

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How Did Craig Sjodin Die? Cause of Death

The vibrant life of Craig Sjodin was tragically cut short by a bicycle accident. At the age of 67, he met with a fatal accident that left the General Hospital fans, cast, and crew heartbroken.

Who Was Craig Sjodin?

Craig Sjodin’s name is synonymous with iconic shots from General Hospital. For a remarkable 39 years, he wielded his camera as a still photographer, capturing the essence of Port Charles. But his talents extended beyond daytime soaps; they graced the screens of primetime series as well. From Nathan Fillion in “Castle” to Marcia Cross in “Desperate Housewives” and Susan Lucci on “Dancing With the Stars,” Sjodin’s lens work was unparalleled. He even ventured into cinematography, leaving an indelible mark on General Hospital in 1993.

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The Devastating Loss

The loss of Craig Sjodin transcended the professional realm; it was a personal blow to many. On September 27, General Hospital paid tribute to him with a touching episode that concluded with an “In Loving Memory” card. This episode echoed the sentiments of countless fans and the General Hospital community at large. His departure wasn’t just a staff member’s loss; it felt like a loss of family.

Fans, cast members, and the entire crew expressed their profound sadness and deep appreciation for the memories Craig Sjodin had created. He wasn’t merely capturing scenes; he was crafting history, one shot at a time.

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Craig Sjodin’s Obituary

Sjodin lived a fulfilling life, marked by passion and dedication to his craft. Recently retired, he was preparing for a well-deserved vacation with his family, including plans to visit Australia and other places he had so beautifully captured during his illustrious career. His obituary paints a vivid portrait of a man who was very much alive and vibrant, described by his loved ones as “the youngest 67-year-old we have ever known.”

Survived by his loving wife of three decades, a son, sisters, and numerous other family members, Craig Sjodin’s legacy transcends his professional achievements. He was not only a gifted photographer but also a family man and a cherished member of the General Hospital family.


The corridors of General Hospital will undeniably feel emptier without Craig Sjodin’s presence. However, his legacy, encapsulated in the thousands of images he captured, will ensure he is never forgotten. As the reels of General Hospital continue to roll, each frame will whisper tales of the genius that was Craig Sjodin.


Who was Craig Sjodin?

Craig Sjodin was a renowned still photographer known for his work on the iconic soap opera, General Hospital. He had a career spanning nearly four decades and was highly regarded for his contributions to the world of photography and television.

What was the cause of Craig Sjodin’s death?

Craig Sjodin tragically passed away in a bicycle accident on September 15, 2023. This incident left the General Hospital community and fans in mourning.

What were Craig Sjodin’s notable works?

Craig Sjodin’s photography skills were not limited to General Hospital. He also worked on primetime series, capturing images of notable actors and actresses, such as Nathan Fillion, Marcia Cross, and Susan Lucci.

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