Computer Increment For Bank Employees, How can you get this benefit?

Computer Increment For Bank Employees – The computer revolution started in earnest with the era when Shri Rajiv Gandhi became the Prime Minister and computer education was introduced for the first time in educational institutions.

However, there was much opposition since it could cut manpower and render unemployment. However, the myth stands busted and today India is an IT superpower and earns billions of dollars by exporting software and some of the biggest companies like Infosys and TCS have dominated silicon valley.

Computer Increment For Bank Employees

Today we are going to talk about Computer increment for Bank Employees but before that let us delve into the history of computers in India. The first digital computer was introduced way back in 1960 by TIFRAC (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Automatic Calculator) for scientific studies in Mumbai.

The computer industry boomed in the 1980s when GOI started to promote computers in almost every industry. The Banking and the Railways were the first to undergo massive digitalization.

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How Much Computer Increment For Bank Employees

The railways were the first to be digitized and a centralized computer system which they used to call the Centre for Railway Information System (CRIS). All aspects of Railways like reservation, train scheduling and financing were all connected to the CRIS. In fact the Indian Railways is one of the biggest computerized Railways in the world.

It is not just the Railways but the banking sector which was massively computerized. It was possible with computerization to create what is ordinarily known as core banking which digitally interconnected all the branches. Money transfers became cheaper and flawless.

With the Covid pandemic, the digital revolution received another fillip and UPI was created. Today a number of payment apps are in operation and all are interfaced with the UPI system. The UPI is the biggest payment gateway in the world and 40% of all transactions happening digitally are moving through UPI.

Thus to make the Banking sector workers more computer savvy the government is offering sops and encouraging employees who have done courses or workshops on computer systems with extra increments. Computer increments can be very beneficial for the career of banking employees. It encourages the banking sector employees to become more proficient in the digital field.

Computer Increment For Bank Employees can also help them achieve career goals and fast-track their promotion into higher managerial cadres. Computer increments can also help in improving the efficiency of the banking sector and make financial transactions faster and foolproof.

The employees must complete the computer course from a recognized institution for a period of at least two years. The employee should be proficient in using computer systems like MS Office, Tally, and banking software.

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