How Much is Zac Purton Net Worth? A Deep Dive into the Jockey’s Financial Success

Zac Purton, the renowned jockey from the world of horse racing, has not only captured the hearts of racing enthusiasts but has also accumulated substantial earnings throughout his career. In this comprehensive article, we delve into the details of how much Zac Purton makes, exploring his notable race engagements, seasonal performance, and record-breaking achievements. We also compare his earnings with other top jockeys in the industry, shedding light on his exceptional financial success.

Summary of “How Much is Zac Purton Net Worth”?

2023-2024 Season Wins78
Partnership with Danny ShumTargeting the BMW Hong Kong Derby with Allgreektome
Everest Day Race, 2023Scheduled to compete at Randwick Racecourse
Prize Money in 2023-2024 SeasonOver HK$130 million
Record in May 2023Surpassed Moreira with HK$207,249,727 in prize money
Annual Earnings EstimationOver A$4 million
Comparison with Other JockeysEarns more than Joao Moreira, less than Dettori and Moore

Zac Purton’s Notable Race Engagements

In the current 2023-2024 Hong Kong racing season, Zac Purton is in remarkable form, making waves with 78 first-place finishes and 63 second-place finishes out of 353 races. His exceptional performance has allowed his horses to amass over HK$130 million in prize money. Notably, in September 2023, he participated in the Harmony and Rich sprint at Happy Valley Racecourse, where his partnership with the acclaimed jockey resulted in a substantial challenge to seasoned champions, reflected in the quinella odds of $10.40.

Danny Shum’s Aspirations

Moreover, Zac Purton’s partnership with prominent trainer Danny Shum is drawing attention. Shum sees the potential in Purton to make his horse, Allgreektome, a formidable contender in the prestigious BMW Hong Kong Derby. Given the exceptional talent of Allgreektome and Purton’s skill, optimism surrounding their chances is justified.

Zac Purton’s Schedule and Commitments

Looking ahead, October 2023 promises a significant event for Zac Purton as he is scheduled to race on Everest day at the renowned Randwick Racecourse in Australia. However, his commitment to his Hong Kong obligations remains unwavering, as he plans to return promptly for the Sha Tin meetings.

Jockey Earnings in General

Understanding how much Zac Purton makes also requires insight into the earnings structure of jockeys. Jockeys, like Purton, have multiple revenue streams. A significant portion of their earnings comes from a percentage of the prize money won by the horses they ride. Additionally, sponsorships and endorsements play a pivotal role in boosting their income. For context, flat jockeys typically receive 8.5% of the win prize money and 2.61% for second-place finishes. In contrast, jump jockeys receive around 11.03% and 3.44%, respectively.

Zac Purton’s Seasonal Performance

The statistics of the 2023-2024 season leave no doubt as to why there is a buzz surrounding Zac Purton’s earnings. With 78 wins, leading the Hong Kong jockeys’ championship, and amassing over HK$130 million in prize money, he firmly establishes himself as a jockey in a class of his own.

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Record-Breaking Achievements

May 2023 marked a significant moment in Zac Purton’s career as he shattered records. He surpassed Joao Moreira’s record by securing an astonishing HK$207,249,727 in prize money in a single season, eclipsing Moreira’s previous best of HK$202,112,646.

Zac Purton’s Earnings in Perspective

Zac Purton’s financial success is unparalleled in Hong Kong, with estimations pointing towards an annual earning of over A$4 million. This remarkable figure serves as a testament to his unmatched skill and achievements in the sport. He stands as a shining example of excellence in the competitive world of jockeying.

A Comparison with Other Jockeys

While Zac Purton is the top earner in Hong Kong, it’s interesting to note that on a global scale, there are jockeys like Frankie Dettori and Ryan Moore who are estimated to pocket over £5 million annually, further illustrating the vast differences in jockey earnings worldwide.

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In conclusion, Zac Purton’s impressive career achievements and exceptional earnings highlight his prominence not only in Hong Kong but on the global stage. His dedication, skill, and remarkable partnerships have contributed to his undeniable financial success, making him a name to remember in the world of horse racing.

Wiki Biodata

Personal InformationDetails
Full NameZac Purton
Date of BirthAugust 23, 1983
Place of BirthQueensland, Australia
Height5 feet 8 inches (173 cm)
WeightApproximately 54 kg
Riding StyleAggressive
Jockey Career Debut2000 in Queensland, Australia
Major Racing LocationsHong Kong and Australia
Notable AchievementsMultiple Hong Kong Jockeys’ Championships, record-breaking earnings
Current TrainerDanny Shum
Annual Earnings EstimateOver A$4 million (2023-2024 season)
Notable Horses RiddenAllgreektome, Beauty Generation, Exultant, Aerovelocity
Record Prize MoneyOver HK$130 million (2023-2024 season)
Major WinsMultiple Hong Kong Group 1 races, BMW Hong Kong Derby, Champions Mile, Stewards’ Cup
Awards and HonorsHong Kong Jockey Club Champion Jockey, multiple times


Who is Zac Purton?

Zac Purton is a prominent Australian jockey known for his exceptional riding skills and achievements in the world of horse racing.

Where was Zac Purton born?

Zac Purton was born in Queensland, Australia.

What are some of the major horses Zac Purton has ridden?

Zac Purton has ridden notable horses like Allgreektome, Beauty Generation, Exultant, and Aerovelocity, among others.

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