WATCH: Cikgu Azwa’s private video goes viral on Twitter, Reddit, TikTok, and IG but It Is an Old Video

Cikgu Azwa video is getting huge viewership on the internet and has caught the imagination of the netizens.

They are not only watching it but they are also sharing it widely on social media platforms like TikTok, Twitter, and Reddit. What is in it that has enamored the viewers and has become the talking point in the town?

Well, continue reading and we will share all the details in this article.

As many of the netizens know that Cikgu Azwa is a well-known Malaysian social media celebrity and has caught the imagination with her video which has since gone viral on the internet. More and more viewers are scouring the internet to view her original video.

Malaysian TikTok Star Cikgu Azwa video goes viral on Twitter, Reddit, TikTok and IG

Cikgu Azwa

Cikgu Azwa is a renowned TikTok celebrity and educator from Malaysia. She is quite popular and very visible on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

However, the latest video which has become viral and has become the talk of the town is not a new one. The latest video which has become viral first gained popularity when it surfaced in 2020.

The scandalous video which many believe is a new one actually belonged to 2020.

It was in Twitter in 2020 when Cikgu Azwa responded to her popular post. The response from Cikgu Azwa was very vitriolic and full of bile.

She responded to her critics and derided them for spreading hate without knowing a bit of her own self.

She called her detractors teachers but questioned the quality of such teachers. She also confirmed that she is in a rage and not joking.

Netizens are scouring to watch the video which has become viral and try to check the veracity of the video. The video first surfaced on the Twitter but has since been removed by the admin.

Soon later some Reddit users started posting comments saying that they have the complete video even though it is not available on Twitter. However the Malaysian teacher has a number of videos on TikTok and since the melee began has received a surge in views. Keep checking this space to know more about the video.  

The final outcome of this seemingly unnecessary melee is that the Malaysian star has suddenly found a sudden surge in the views of her videos.

So everyone is asking if it is a ploy to boost her viewership? Keep reading our future updates to know the final truth.

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