Chris Rondeau Net Worth 2023: Exploring The Wealth Of Ex-Planet Fitness CEO

In a surprising turn of events, Planet Fitness recently announced the sudden departure of their CEO, Chris Rondeau, leading to a significant dip in the company’s shares.

Shares slid by 16% to a three-year low of $50.29 on the news of his exit. Having served Planet Fitness for almost three decades, Chris wasn’t just any CEO. He began his journey at the very front desk of the gym’s inaugural location in Dover, New Hampshire.

Chris Rondeau

Chris Rondeau’s Outstanding Journey

Chris Rondeau’s affiliation with Planet Fitness spans over 30 years. From humbly starting out at the front desk to scaling the corporate ladder, his dedication to the company is commendable.

In the early days of Planet Fitness, founders Michael and Marc Grondahl paved the way, setting the stage for Rondeau’s eventual ascent.

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Why Did Chris Rondeau Leave Planet Fitness?

Chris Rondeau’s departure from Planet Fitness was unexpected, considering his prolonged history with the company. While the exact reasons for his departure have not been publicly disclosed, it has raised questions and speculations in the business world.

His sudden exit undoubtedly left a considerable impact on the company’s shares, with Wall Street closely watching for future developments.

Chris Rondeau

How Much Is Chris Rondeau Net Worth In 2023?

One of the most intriguing aspects of Christopher Rondeau’s financial success is his current estimated net worth, which is a staggering $236.32 million. This impressive figure is a testament to his dedication and leadership within Planet Fitness, Inc.

Biodata Table

Full NameChristopher Rondeau
Estimated Net WorthAt least $236.32 Million USD (as of June 5, 2023)
Ownership of PLNT StockOver 10,000 units worth over $1,647,158
Stock Trades (Last 7 Years)Sold PLNT stock worth over $243,446,345
Current PositionChief Executive Officer and Director at Planet Fitness Inc
Insider Trading HistoryOver 117 trades of PLNT stock since 2016
Recent PurchaseBought 10,000 units of PLNT stock worth $649,900 on June 5, 2023
Largest TradeSold 348,810 units of PLNT stock on March 13, 2019, worth over $23,122,615
Average Trading FrequencyApproximately 40,882 units traded every 19 days since 2016
Current Stock OwnershipAt least 36,305 units of Planet Fitness Inc stock (as of June 5, 2023)
Additional InformationComplete history of Mr. Rondeau’s stock trades available at the bottom of the page


Who is Chris Rondeau?

Chris Rondeau was the CEO of Planet Fitness until his recent departure.

How long did Chris Rondeau serve Planet Fitness?

Chris served Planet Fitness for nearly three decades.

What was the impact of Rondeau’s departure on Planet Fitness shares?

Planet Fitness shares dropped by 16% to a three-year low of $50.29 after Rondeau’s exit.

When did Chris Rondeau become CEO of Planet Fitness?

Chris Rondeau became CEO of Planet Fitness in January 2013.

What roles did Chris Rondeau hold before becoming CEO?

Before becoming CEO, Chris served as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) since 2003.

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