Biya Bajo Viral Chrome Video and Photo Appear On Tiktok – Is It For Real Or Fake

Remember Biya Bajo, the diminutive popular TikTok personality hailing from the Philippines with a fan following running into .5 million users on her TikTok account, @biya_still_exotic. Well, she is the latest victim of fake news and character assassination.

The TikTok personality has a huge fan following and is adored by her massive fan base. She has been on the social media platform for quite some time now. She has also carved a niche for herself as an Instagram star and has a commanding 44.4k followers on that platform. However, her name is in the news for the wrong reasons and has led to many netizens trying to explore the causes behind her newborn eminence and interest.

Biya Bajo

Biya Bajo, the TikTok personality from the Philippines is known for her endearing lip sync and dance videos and has managed to rake in a huge number of views and interactions. However, of late some of her private videos which show Biya engaging in explicit content have left her fans confused and concerned. Fans are scouring the internet trying to find out the truth and the veracity of the purported video. The TikTok star has a pristine reputation and it is really tragic that such false content is finding coverage and destroying her reputation.

It has been a worrying phenomenon in recent times. The AI revolution makes it very easy to create such obscene videos of anyone and then make them viral just to gain huge views and the monetary benefits which follow. In this case, also Biya Bajo has not given any rebuttals of the alleged video, and till any official reaction is not out it is best not to jump to conclusions.

There are also allegations that certain people with unverified Twitter handles are uploading fake videos of the TikTok star. This incident once again exposes the dark underbelly of social media platforms where people of dubious origin abound and use the media platform and its open setup to upload content to character assassinate a popular personality. Experts have long been warning about such possibilities and the worst fears have come true.

However, it must be said that the authenticity of the video still remains unverified and the ambiguity is causing the flying of rumors at a brisk pace. Users must exercise extreme caution and check the veracity of such news or content before forwarding or sharing it or else they can also become the unwilling accomplice in such false and fictitious endeavors.

It is now confirmed that the videos of the TikTok starlet which has been circulating on social media platforms are fake. However, the incident has caused a huge outcry and has spread like wildfire on internet social platforms. By the time the fact is clear, irreplaceable damage has been caused to the reputation of the TikTok star.

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