15 Innovative AWS Project Ideas For Beginners (2023)

AWS which is an acronym for Amazon Web Service and it is a cloud platform with over 200 features. It is widely used and a popular cloud platform by data centers all over the world. Today most budding engineers have to do projects which are included in their curriculum and successful accomplishment of projects adds a feather to the resume.

Here are some AWS Project Ideas which will give beginner students a chance to know how to use different AWS tools as well as their commercial applications. 

AWS has in excess of 1 million commercial clients coupled with over 8000 partner network entities and 1900 third-party clients, it has become an indispensable addendum to any business venture.AWS has been crowned as a leader in the cloud computing industry with more than 70 million hours spent on the Amazon MarketPlace by different business enterprises. The service was launched in July 2002 and was a part of the Amazon cloud platform. It was started to manage online retail transactions. It has now enlarged and the services are available across 18 geographical regions and there are more than 200 fully-featured services to choose from for a variety of business applications. The charges are very nominal for an AWS Free Tier account. The AWS service has already generated revenue of $18 billion and the figure is continuously rising.

AWS is a cloud computing platform that is highly secure and provides a varied array of services like networking, storage facilities for contents, databases, and computing. Its core infrastructure is designed to enable the requirements of security for different applications which have been developed by using its services and platforms.

These AWS Project Ideas can be utilized for a number of applications and it enables the development and deployment of different projects in real-time from simple and basic to highly advanced applications. The services can be utilized by computer professionals for creating AWS cloud projects and AWS enterprise projects. Users can also rent virtual computing platforms using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, EC2, etc. The services also negate the need to worry about managing the services while running codes. Processes like the AWS Lambda projects are popular as they require zero administration. AWS can also find uses in IoT projects as well. 

AWS Project Ideas For Beginners

1. Create a Traffic Monitoring Tool

The project aims to create a Smart Traffic Control using AWS IOT. AWS can be employed to create a robust system to create a scalable NoOps system. Additionally, the system can be used to create a bridge between real and simulated situations by interacting with virtual as well as physical devices.

AWS IoT helps to create a platform which affords reliable connection between the AWS platform using Message Queue Telemetry Transport(MQTT) without the need for server management.

2. Create Attendance Automation

Attendance automation is widely employed across industries and uses services such as AWS Cognito, light sail, amazon recognition, etc. The system is used to create a student’s log using their roll numbers. It can be used to create attendance roll calls, monthly assessments, fee details, etc.

It can also be used by industries to create attendance roll calls and also calculate their wages.

The system requires a facial recognition setup with a camera and a data storage system and this is afforded by Amazon Rekognition service which can store data about detected faces on the server side.

The system can scan the image of students on the identity card and then the images are analyzed with the aid of a deep learning algorithm and can be customized to be scaled up or down. As soon as the card is scanned, the details of the students are saved in DynamoDB.

3. Blood Bank Management System

Another useful app that can be used effectively to manage blood banks. Numerous blood banks are using cloud-based platforms to track blood units that are available and direct the blood donors as well as the users who require a blood transfusion.

The application can be created using the AWS EC2 and AWS DynamoDB services. The project can create a user interface that enables the users to view the blood available and book the requirements or book donations.

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4. Personalized News Feed

This app creates a customized news feed that is based on the person’s taste and past search history. The technique is employed by Google to suggest articles that are based on the person’s taste and past search history. Students can create a customized news feed for anyone using AWS DynamoDB and AWS Lambda.

The creators of such an app would require past user touchpoints. DynamoDB collects and stores the information and the stored data is used by Lambda functions to develop the user profiles. The data stored and the other related parameters are used to create the customer feed.

Innovative AWS Project Ideas For Beginners

5. Serverless Web App

In this another one of the best AWS Project Ideas, A serverless web app that is highly secure and simple to use can be created with the help of Amplify, Lambda, etc.).  A shining example of this is the Netflix OTT platform which uses a number of AWS and other cloud services. One can employ a combination of technologies to work on the project.

The hosting and front-end tasks can be accomplished with AWS Amplify while AWS Cognito can take care of the authentication and administration for the back-end tasks. Another tool DynamoDB can be employed as a layer for storage purposes. Both AWS Lambda and API Gateway are very useful for backend API tasks. 

6. Real-time Data Processing Application

Processing high-volume data in the shortest possible time with no concession on the accuracy of the results is the goal and one such tool is Bustle. Bustle uses the resources of AWS to process gigantic amounts of data in real-time. Students can also employ Amazon Kinesis Stream and AWS Lambda while working on such products.

The first step in this process is the creation of a Kinesis Stream followed by its proper configuration to enable capturing data from a web source. A number of Lambda features can be scaled up or down by design with the scaling of the stream. One can also use your social media timelines or location-based data as your data sources.  

7. Customer Logic Workflow

Another useful product that involves creating unique logic workflows for varied uses after any event is the customer logic workflow. A shining example of this process is the vending machines that are deployed in public utilities. Vending machines like Coke vending outlets or food delivery apps utilize AWS Lambda and SNS to achieve the desired results.

Lambdas can also be incorporated into existing workflows with considerable ease. It is a very good project for beginners because the functions are brief and the outcome can be tested immediately. Another project wherein you can design and implement is Shopping cart management.

8. Content Recommendation System

This service is widely used by Netflix and Amazon Prime where contents are recommended on the basis of past customer services using the features of AI and ML in conjunction with AWS. Content recommendation systems can be perfected quite easily and is a very good project for beginners. One can employ AWS cloud with nearest neighbor algorithms to effect this project.

One can use Amazon SageMaker which is a tool that enables carrying out ML and it also negates the need for label data because of its inbuilt algorithms. Further, the semantic search modality which it uses instead of string matching simplifies the accomplishment of tasks. AWS in conjunction with nearest neighbor algorithms will supply precise outcomes and recommendations.

9. Chatbots using AWS Lex

Another useful tool that offers answers to queries sent by users, such as chatbots helps for speedy answers around the clock. Such chatbots are very commonly employed by Amazon and other e-commerce sites. Such tools employ a combination of Amazon Lex which builds the chatbot in combination with AWS Lambda for outstanding outcomes. One can deploy such apps quite easily and add the application to the desired platform. 

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10. Clone virtual assistant using Alexa Skills

Students can create a clone virtual assistant by refurbishing the skills and functions of Amazon Alexa. Alexa is a virtual assistant which has been created by Amazon and is widely used across numerous platforms. For this, the services of AWS Lambda can be employed in conjunction with a custom Alexa skill set, while the AWS Console fulfills the role of handlers.

Users can use AWS Lambda functions to obtain custom logic and thus fulfill the user’s request or answer his or her query. Third-party functions hosted outside of the Alexa skill can also be employed. The project could envisage simple functions like playing music or creating a reminder.

11. Text-to-Speech Converter using AWS Lambda

A widely employed tool that can convert written words or text into speech and is seen in numerous websites and web apps. It is an AI-based functionality and a shining example is the Google Text-to-Speech app. Students can employ AWS Lambda & Amazon Polly to convert textual information to speech.

The speech synthesis applications can help students to create lifelike speech synthesis. Amazon Polly which utilizes deep learning technologies is able to carry out accurate and sensible conversations. AWS Lambda is also able to employ quick responses which are very useful in real-time applications.

12. Website Development using the AWS Platform

Developing a website with the help of AWS affords a very high degree of protection, dependability, usability, and ease of use. The AWS Lightsail is one such virtual open server and can be utilized to create innumerable websites. Freshers can create websites using AWS of any type.

One can create a website to store the details of students or even create a website to keep track of your home expenses. One can also use the AWS EC2 or AWS Lambda services with AWS Lightsail to create a private server. The process is very simple and comes with SSD-based storage and is customized with numerous web development alternatives.

13. Mass Emailing using AWS Lambda

Another one of the very useful AWS project ideas is Mass Emailing using AWS Lambda. This project aims to send mass emails to a business firm’s existing and potential customers. The mass mailing platform is created using AWS Lambda in conjunction with Simple Email Service, SES. Along with S3, you can share mass emails with countless recipients.

Another important tool is MoonMail. It is a mass email-sending platform that is designed with the help of AWS Lambda & SES. Whenever a user uploads a CSV file it will trigger a S3 event and Lambda will transfer the file into its database and the process of sending e-mails will start to the provided addresses.

14. Windows Virtual Machine – Deployment

Windows virtual machines are a common occurrence. VM Management in Microsoft Azure is one of the most convenient tools to erect virtual machines with minimum security concerns. One can easily deploy the Windows VM in AWS via Amazon Lightsail as the web service.

Not only will it help in simplifying the process but it will also help the user use optimally the resources at his disposal. The user interface is very simple and can be easily customized as per the needs of the user. The user can also employ the service to connect with the RDP client.

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15. Rapid Document Conversion App

We are often vexed when it comes to converting documents across different formats. Often there is a need to convert HTML pages or documents into PDF format. Numerous document converters are available online like PDF to Word converters. Sometimes there is a need to convert Excel sheets into PDF formats. AWS Lambda enables you to develop an app to convert documents from one format into another.

The AWS Lambda app thus developed will enable the user to recover the required content and then convert it to download or display on the web page. Such an app can also be deployed in a job portal where the user can easily change the format of the resume he wants to upload. 

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