What Ethnicity is Iam Tongi? American Idol Season 21 Winner’s Biography

In the world of music and entertainment, few stories are as compelling as that of Iam Tongi, the young talent who captivated audiences across the nation during his journey on American Idol Season 21.

In this comprehensive biography, we delve into the life of William Tongi, known as Iam, tracing his rise to fame, his personal experiences, and the indomitable spirit that made him a household name.

Summary of ‘What Ethnicity is Iam Tongi’

Full NameWilliam Tongi
NicknameIam Tongi
BirthplaceKahuku, Hawaii
ParentsFather: Rodney Tongi, Mother: Lillie N Rodney Tongi
SiblingsBrothers: Sitaleki Tongi, William Tongi<br> Sisters: Jennifer Tongi, Cassandra Tongi

Early Life and Roots

Iam Tongi, born in 2004 in the serene town of Kahuku, Hawaii, embodies the multicultural tapestry that defines modern America. He hails from a diverse ethnic background, reflecting the melting pot that is the United States. This mix of ethnicities is a testament to the rich cultural mosaic that William Tongi represents.

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A Musical Prodigy

Tongi’s journey to stardom began when he took the stage on American Idol Season 21. At the tender age of 18, he stood before the judges and delivered a performance that would change his life forever. Singing “Monsters” by James Blunt, he poured his heart and soul into every note, making an indelible mark on not only the judges but also millions of viewers.

Lionel Richie, one of the esteemed judges, famously said, “I was not worried about whether you would make it through the song. I was worried about whether we would make it through the song.” This emotional performance not only earned him a golden ticket but also the admiration of his fellow contestants and fans alike.

A Heartfelt Dedication

One of the most touching aspects of Iam Tongi’s American Idol journey was his dedication to his late father, Rodney Tongi. In his audition, he paid tribute to his father’s memory, and the pain of his loss resonated with everyone in the room. His father had been his inspiration, and it was his memory that fueled William’s passion for singing.

Hollywood Week Triumph

The road to stardom is often fraught with challenges, and Tongi faced one such hurdle during Hollywood Week. Just moments before his performance, he discovered that his beloved guitar, a gift from his late father, was malfunctioning. The emotional value of this instrument made its absence all the more difficult.

However, the judges, moved by his dedication, assured him that they would fix his guitar. This act of kindness not only put a smile on his face but also showcased the camaraderie and support that contestants share on American Idol.

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The Showstopper Round

In the Showstopper Round, where only the top 55 contestants get the chance to perform, Iam Tongi shone once again. His rendition of Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Sound Of Silence” left the audience in awe and reinforced his status as a household name. It was clear that Tongi had the talent and charisma to go far in the competition.

A Loving Family

Behind every success story is a loving and supportive family, and Iam Tongi is no exception. He is the youngest of five siblings, with two brothers, Sitaleki and William, and two sisters, Jennifer and Cassandra. His mother, Lillie N Rodney Tongi, revealed that he listens to recordings of himself practicing with his father at night, a poignant reminder of the bond they shared.

Education and Aspirations

While his journey on American Idol has catapulted him to stardom, Tongi remains grounded in his pursuit of education. He attends Decatur High School and resides with his family in Federal Way, Washington, America. His dream is to one day return to his beloved hometown of Kahuku, Hawaii.

What ethnicity is Iam Tongi

A Social Media Sensation

In today’s digital age, social media plays a pivotal role in the lives of celebrities. Iam Tongi’s rise to fame on American Idol translated into a significant following on social media platforms. His Instagram account (@wtongi) boasts over 240k followers, and his Facebook page has garnered over 60k likes. He is not just a talented singer but also a beloved social media personality, connecting with fans across the globe.


Iam Tongi’s journey from a small town in Hawaii to winning American Idol Season 21 is nothing short of inspirational. His heartfelt performances, dedication to his family, and unwavering passion for music have earned him a special place in the hearts of fans worldwide. As we continue to follow his career, it’s evident that Iam’s star will only continue to rise, leaving an indelible mark on the world of music and entertainment.

Biodata Table

Personal Information
Full NameWilliam Tongi
NicknameIam Tongi
Age18 years
Birth Date2004
Birth PlaceKahuku, Hawaii
Current ResidenceFederal Way, Washington, America
ParentsFather: Rodney Tongi, Mother: Lillie N Rodney Tongi
SiblingsBrothers: Sitaleki Tongi, William Tongi<br> Sisters: Jennifer Tongi, Cassandra Tongi
Body Measurements
WeightKilograms: 135, Pounds: 297.6 lbs
HeightFeet: 6′ 0″, Centimeters: 183 cm, Meters: 1.83 m
SchoolDecatur High School
TelevisionAmerican Idol (2023)
Social Media
InstagramInstagram Profile


Who is Iam Tongi?

Iam Tongi, whose real name is William Tongi, is an 18-year-old singer from Kahuku, Hawaii, and the winner of American Idol Season 21.

What is Iam Tongi’s ethnic background?

Iam has a mixed ethnic background, reflecting the diverse culture of the United States.

What song did Iam Tongi sing during his American Idol audition?

Iam Tongi sang “Monsters” by James Blunt during his American Idol audition, delivering a heartfelt performance.

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