Is Casey Corn Married? Unveiling the Chef’s Personal Life and Marriage

In the world of culinary delights and gastronomic exploration, Casey Corn stands out as a remarkable personality. As the judge of Magnolia Network’s “Recipes Lost & Found,” her passion for food is evident to anyone who has had the pleasure of watching her on screen. However, beyond her culinary prowess, there’s intrigue surrounding her personal life, particularly her marital status. In this comprehensive article, we delve into the life and marriage of Casey Corn, aiming to provide detailed insights and answers to the questions that her fans and followers have been asking.

Summary of “Is Casey Corn Married”?

Full NameCasey Corn
ProfessionChef and Traveler
EducationBachelor’s degree in Food Anthropology
Career Highlights– Founder of “The Carnivore” culinary company
– Tastemaker at Tastemade
– Host on Magnolia Network’s “Recipe Lost & Found”
Marital StatusMarried to Lewis Fisher since 2014
Notable Achievements– Recognized Latte expert
– TEDx Santa Monica speaker on her thesis
Social MediaFacebook: @caseycorn
Instagram: @caseycorn
SpouseLewis Fisher
Spouse’s ProfessionVice President of Strategy and Operations
Educational InstitutionConnecticut College
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Who Is Casey Corn?

Casey Corn’s journey into the world of food began during her time at Connecticut College. It was there that she discovered her deep-rooted love for food and realized that it could be explored academically. Her academic pursuit led her to write a thesis on Olive Oil, which garnered recognition and set the stage for her culinary career. Graduating in 2010, she continued her academic exploration of food anthropology at the same college.

After her time in Los Angeles, Casey’s expertise was further recognized when she was awarded for her prowess as a Latte expert. Subsequently, she was invited to share her insights on a TEDx Santa Monica episode, where she elaborated on her thesis. During this period, Casey embarked on her dual journey of working in cafes and traveling, gaining valuable experiences in the realm of food.

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However, the turning point in Casey’s career came in 2017 when she founded “The Carnivore,” her culinary company. Simultaneously, she began working as a Tastemaker at Tastemade, where she created recipe videos and shared her culinary adventures from across the globe.

In 2018, Casey relocated to New York City, where she further honed her culinary skills by working with various renowned companies. Her career in the food industry has been nothing short of exceptional, and her dedication to her craft is evident in everything she does. Beyond her professional life, Casey Corn’s personal life has also been a subject of interest, specifically her marriage.

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Is Casey Corn Married?

Casey Corn is indeed married to Lewis Fisher, a man who has been a significant part of her life for several years. Their relationship status was publicly affirmed when they both posted about their marriage on Facebook, confirming that they tied the knot in 2014. Lewis Fisher’s social media presence includes a Facebook profile under the handle @lewis.fisher.902 and an Instagram account with the username @lewisfisher10.

Mr. Fisher’s professional journey is equally noteworthy. His career took off in 2011 when he began working as an intern for Credo Group UK in Pall Mall, London. In November 2012, he assumed the role of an account manager at Q-nomy, Inc., where he gained extensive experience over one and a half years.

In 2014, he moved to Gartner, initially working as a Business Development Manager for six months before being promoted to the position of Senior Business Development Manager at Entourage Sports & Entertainment. Following this, Lewis joined Retention Science, where he contributed as part of the Retention Marketing Consultants team.

In 2016, Lewis embarked on a new journey by joining the startup, Playfly Premier Partnership. He started as a coordinator of marketing services but rapidly climbed the ranks. His promotions included roles such as senior manager, director of marketing services, and senior director of marketing services. Presently, Lewis Fisher holds the esteemed position of vice president of strategy and operations.

The journey of Casey Corn and Lewis Fisher is a testament to their shared success and profound bond. Their social media presence often reflects their strong connection, with posts showcasing their romantic side, such as couple dressing and heartfelt online messages.


In conclusion, Casey Corn, the talented chef and traveler, is not only passionate about exploring the world through food but is also deeply committed to her marriage with Lewis Fisher. Their love story has grown alongside their professional journeys, creating a strong and enduring bond. As Casey continues to shine in her culinary career, her fans can also take joy in knowing that she has found happiness in her personal life with her loving husband, Lewis Fisher.

Wiki Biodata

Name:Casey Corn
Profession:Chef and Traveler
Education:Bachelor’s degree in Food Anthropology
Career:Founder of “The Carnivore” culinary company
Tastemaker at Tastemade
Host on Magnolia Network’s “Recipe Lost & Found”
Marital Status:Married to Lewis Fisher
Social Media:Facebook: @caseycorn
Instagram: @caseycorn
Lewis Fisher’s Facebook: @lewis.fisher.902
Lewis Fisher’s Instagram: @lewisfisher10
Notable Achievements:Award for expertise as a Latte expert
TEDx Santa Monica speaker on her thesis


Who is Casey Corn?

Casey Corn is a chef and traveler known for her culinary expertise and appearances on Magnolia Network’s “Recipe Lost & Found.”

What are some of Casey Corn’s notable achievements?

Casey received recognition as a Latte expert and was invited to speak at a TEDx Santa Monica event.

Is Casey Corn married?

Yes, Casey Corn is married to Lewis Fisher. They got married in 2014.

Where can I find Casey Corn on social media?

You can follow Casey Corn on Facebook @caseycorn and Instagram @caseycorn. Lewis Fisher’s Facebook ID is @lewis.fisher.902, and his Instagram ID is @lewisfisher10.

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